Unique aspen lighting design
Exclusively for Aspen lovers

The addition of Aspenglows lamps compliments the rockwork and acts as a bridge that transitions  naturally to the warmth of the wood.

 The cool white of these aspenglows are in stark contrast to the warm glow of the fire creating an eye catching illusion.
Heavily scarred trunk and skin of aspens  provide   for unique patterns.
Aspenglows  lit or unlit provide a stunning addition  in guest rooms.
Hand cut and painted Aspen leaf accents add a splash of color.
Artist detail ensures each trees unique markings as shown in this stand alone hallway piece.
Warm hues and soft light awaits you as you drift off in your forested sanctuary.
Aspenglows  provide a perfect corner accent and safe  guiding light as in this hallway application.
Majestic and Monarch models Aspenglows are our largest and create a complimentary addition to any open ceiling gathering space.
Soft warmth as winter evening envelops the cabin providing a cozy feel.
Literally thousands of colors limited only by your imagination make Aspenglows a fun and beautiful addition to any home.


Proudly planted and grown in Bozeman.MT